Marudhamalai 2007

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review and summary of the movie “Marudhamalai” released in 2007:

Summary: “Marudhamalai” is an action-comedy film that follows the story of a young man named Marudhamalai, who is a forest ranger in a national park. He is tasked with protecting the park and its wildlife from poachers and illegal loggers. However, his life takes a turn when he has to confront a notorious criminal who threatens the safety of the park and the people around it. With the help of his team and a group of villagers, Marudhamalai fights against the criminal to restore peace and justice.

Review: “Marudhamalai” is a fun-filled and action-packed movie that delivers a perfect blend of comedy and action. The film’s storyline is engaging, and the characters are well-written, making it an enjoyable watch from start to finish.

Actor Arjun Sarja, who plays the lead role of Marudhamalai, delivers an excellent performance, portraying the character’s strength, courage, and wit with ease. The supporting cast, including Vedhika, Santhanam, and Nasser, also do a great job in their respective roles.

The movie’s cinematography is impressive, with breathtaking visuals of the national park and its surroundings. The action sequences are well choreographed and keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

One of the movie’s highlights is its humor, which is perfectly timed and well-executed. The comedy tracks featuring Santhanam and his team provide a good break from the action and add a lighter tone to the movie.

Another positive aspect of the movie is its social message about protecting wildlife and preserving the environment. The film raises awareness about the importance of protecting the natural world and highlights the impact of human activities on the ecosystem.

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